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2017 GWS Member Exhibition Accepted Paintings

Congratulations to the following artists who have paintings that have been accepted into the 2017 Members Show.

Accepted artists, please download and print these instructions for delivery of your paintings.

Carol Allegood Russia Tour
Paul Lawrence Andino  Beyond The Intellect
Karen Fletcher Braverman Sidewalk Builders
Peggy Milburn Brown  Banana Lady
Susie Burch     Bellagio Morning
Patty Calderone   Have I got a Fish Tale for you!
Rosie Coleman The Prophet
Walt Costilow Windows of St.Chappell
Mary Ann Cox On Break
Betsy Cozine Red, White and Blue
Elizabeth Davis Gypsy Woman
Dana Daydodge Looking Away
 Judith DeJoy  Caregiver
 Betty Derrick   Dublin
 Jackie Dorsey   Long Cast Shadow
 Clyde Draughon  Leaving the Taj Mahal 10
 Toni Elkins  Time To Say GoodBye
 Joanna Ellington   View from Above
 Leigh Ellis   Crow in Portrait
 Sally Evans   Hammond
 Karl Everett   Bayfirld Oltimer
 Pat Fadden   Shore Walk
 Kathy Rennell Forbes   The Sanctuary at Kiawah
 Tracy Foutz-Hunt   Dreams Lost and Found
 Lisa Arnold Franklin  Viva La France
 Suzanne Hicks  Plums
 Anne Brodie Hill  Restoration Instructions
 Margaret Mc Carthy Hunt  The Farriar
 Kie Johnson  Shape of Things to Come
 Mollie Jones  Apples and Lace
 Gina Judy  The ‘Sitter
 Sara Kahn  Modernity
 Susan Keith  Catching The Morning Rays
 Steven Kippels  Concrete Pelicans
 Dixie Leibert  Double Exposure
 Shelly Leitheiser  Blue Mound Lake
 Linda LeTard  Fallow Deer
 Corinne Lilie   Black Lamb
 Renee Maciejewski   Chicken TV
 Carolynn Mann   Rhythmic Shadows
 Carolyn Molder   The Dolphins Play
Max Muller   Inside/outside
 Yoshiko Murdick   Alone in Barcelona
 Zee Nagao  The Cast
 R Mike Nichols  Illusions
 Daryl Nicholson  The Club
 Claire Osborne  Get a Cue
 Marian O’Shaughnessy  Gracing the Garden Grounds
 Oscar Rayneri  Golden Opportunity
 Marianne Sandstrom  Somewhere Under the Table
 Karen Schaaf  Silent Partner
 Ruby Schwarzschild  Pepper Fiesta
 Rosemary Segreti  Masquerade
 Melanie Sheldon  Woven
 Mary O Smith   Tied Down
 E. Jane Stoddard   In & Out
 Karen Sturm   A Look in the Past
 Paul Sullivan   Manzanita Morning
 Don Taylor   Promenade
 Philip Thomas  Flamingos
 Zan Thompson  Pawley’s South End
 Martha Tisdale  Girl Watching Koi
 Diana Toma  Clothesline Muse
 Lyudmila Tomova  The CafĂ©
 Nancy Walnes  The Meeting
 Gail Watson  Trudging Along
Deborah Wicks   Girlfriends 
Val Wright Remember Me