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2016 GWS National Exhibition

Tuesday, March 15, 2016 - Saturday, April 30, 2016

Bowen Center for the Arts


The Morning Filled with Breath of Spring By “Dongfeng Li”

1st Place

Token Of Honor
Dylan Pierce
2nd Place

Plaid, Pears, and Grapes
Chris Krupinski
3rd Place

Summer Workshop by ” Jake Leibovitz “

4th place

Laguna Pueblo
Sue Pink
5th Place

Sun Kissed Chevrolet
Kathy Rennell Forbes
6th Place

Conversation C1
Pat Cook
7th Place

Holding On
Connie Clutter
8th Place

Siesta in San Miguel
Mel Stabin
9th Place

The Coming Winter by “Matthew Bird”

10th Place

Honfleur Shoppers by “Thomas Francesconi”

11th place

Kathleen Durdin
12th Place

Ebbtide Ledges
Carlton Plummer
13th place

Top Shelf
F Charles Sharpe
14th Place

Watermelon Man
Betty Derrick
15th place

Anne Hightower-Patterson
16th Place

All That Glitters
Pamela Haddock
Honorable Mention

Go Figure
Kie Johnson
Honorable Mention

Coastal Letters by “Georgia Mason “

Honorable Mention

Beneath the Surface by “Ruth Armitage”

Honorable Mention

Model Break
Sam (Louise) Alexander
18 x 12

Northampton Plein Air by “Genady Arkhipau”

12 x 20


17.5 x 26.5

Gloria Baker
21 x 29

Cherished American Memories
Jodeen Blazer Brown
30 x 22

At the Ballpark, Bird’s Eye View
Peggy Milburn Brown
14 x 21

Up Close And Personal
Susie Burch
12 x 12

Sugar Creek
Kathy Butler
16 x 21.5

The Poet by “Patricia Calderone”

34 x 24

Keen on Jelly Beans
Marsha Chandler
21 x 23

Zelda by “Jerome Chesley”

14 x 21

Focus by “Sue ChurchGrant”

14 x 11

She Remembers
Rosie Coleman
15 x 13

Pulling for the Parade
Toska Courbron
18 x 24

Karen Devine
20 x 13

Trail Mix

11 x 13

Ram-Bunctious Kids
Susan Jane Donohoe
30 x 27

Jacqueline Dorsey
13 x 19

Brittany Harbor
Clyde Draughon
9 x 11

Pit Stop by “Kathleen E. Dworak”

22 x 16

April in Honfleur by “Edie Fagan”

15 x 12

Memories of Nepal
Ryan Fox
21 x 14

Bright Future by “Janine Helton “

14 x 10

Headlight on Blue Car by “Ernestine Hendrix”

16 x 20

Minor Adjustments
Catherine Hillis
26 x 18

Karen D. Hodges
22 x 22

G Clef by “Carol Hubbard”

20 x 15

Charlotte Huntley
15 x 22

Coming to America 1913
Marilyn Johansen

Blue Plate Special
Mollie Jones
15 x 22

Little Red, in Pink by “Bev Jozwiak”

22 x 15

The Distant Lighthouse by “Sara Kahn”

15 x 22

Susan Keith
25 x 19

Abandoned by “Maura Kenny”

22 x 30

Kathy A. Kitz
20 x 26

Sharon Lehman
21 x 14

The Guardian of Sacre Coeur by “Jorge Leon”

30 x 22

Red Hat Ladies Order, Etouffee at the Food Truck by “Alexis Levine”

15 x 18

Bourbon Street Encounter
Kim Minichiello
17 x 29

The Tinker
Max Muller
24 x 38

Head On by “Vickie Nelson”

15 x 12

Back In Time
Daryl R Nicholson
22 x 30

Racing Around the Orange by “Elaine Nunnally”

15 x 22

Lynn Schilling
14 x 18

At Cross Purposes by “Diane Schmidt”

20 x 27

In Search of a Vase
Rosemary Segreti
21 x 14

Grace Gate by “Arthur Sekula”

14 x 20

Ric Skees
26 x 19

Holiday Window Dressing by “Susanna Spann”

23 x 27

Moma’s Guardian
Mary Spellings
30 x 22

Waiting for a Ride
Susan M. Stuller
21 x 28

No Push Zone II by “Donald Taylor”

20 x 26

Phil Thomas
11 x 15

Carriages in Corfu
Lyudmila Tomova
22 x 30

Father Winter

15 x 22

All About the Labels
Deb Ward
22 x 30

Flour and Steam
Susan Duke Waters
18 x 24

Kootenai Lake
Gail S Watson
11.5 x 16

Cow Birds
Charles Willis
14 x 19

Barbara Yoerg
17 x 23

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