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What is the best way to ship my painting to a GWS show?

GWS accepts paintings shipped via UPS or FedEx. The easiest and most economical way to ship a painting is to create a UPS or FedEx account online. This method allows you to print your shipping labels, complete with barcodes, at home. The shipment is billed to your credit card. Do not use “counter delivery” because all paintings will be picked up at the gallery by FedEx or UPS.
The procedures work basically the same way for both companies. Log in to your account, create a shipment, print the shipping label, create a return shipment, and print the return label. Attach the shipping label to the box for your painting, and enclose the return shipping label with a barcode in an envelope and attach the envelope to the hanging wire on the back of the painting. Once you have finished, take your box to the nearest dropoff location for your carrier, most often a Kinkos/FedEx location or a UPS store.
You will want to compare prices at UPS and FedEx. The rates for each carrier will vary depending on the dimensions, weight, and distance. Choose the one that gives you the better price.
Note: our experience has been that UPS works well in just about all circumstances. FedEx works well if you print your shipping and return labels from an online account, but it can be difficult to get FedEx to pick up return packages that use air bills, call tags or other methods. We do not recommend using FedEx unless you have a FedEx account and you or your packing service (Kinkos) can generate a return label with a barcode.
Packaging: Proper packaging is imperative to protect your work. Improper packaging may result in damaged, returned or unopened shipment. Airfloat StrongBox™ or a comparable foam lined box is required to ship your painting.  You can order a reusable Airfloat StrongBox by calling 800-445-2580; ask for the Georgia Watercolor Society member discount.Anyone not using an Airfloat StrongBox™ or comparable foam lined box will be subject to a $25 fee.Wood or metal crates are not accepted. Packages sent with popcorn filler will be returned.
Additional Fees: In some cases there are additional shipping and handling fees imposed by show venues. These will be noted on the exhibition prospectus.
Note: Work that is improperly shipped will be returned to you. You will not be in the exhibition and will be ineligible to submit work for GWS exhibitions for one year.