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Responsibilities of Show Entry Chair

  • Coordinate with the Show Chair to ensure that the prospectus is updated.
  • Obtain the contact information for the juror from the President or Show Chair.
  • Check the GWS website for entries entered online. Respond to entrants when all their information has been received including painting images, entry forms and entry fees.
  • Keep an organized list of all entries, based on the spreadsheet format from the previous Show.
  • Check with the Membership Chair to determine if there are any members or artists who are on probation and not eligible to enter the show.
  • Use the GWS bank check stamp to stamp entry fee checks, and mail to Treasurer.
  • Confirm with juror how he/she would like to receive the entry images. Send the artist’s name, painting title, and painting size with each image. An excel spreadsheet may accompany the entries with the aforementioned information. Usually one painting is selected per artist up to the number contracted. Two paintings may be selected from an artist if insufficient paintings of a National Show quality are not available when selecting one per artist. For the Member Show, it is important to pick one painting per artist.
  • Reiterate to the juror the deadline for returning the selections when entries are sent in writing.
  • Help the President and Show Chair in revising the shipment information page online.
  • Prepare the accepted artists and their paintings list in alphabetical order after the juror returns his/her selections. Send the list and the acceptance letter to the Webmaster for posting on the GWS website.
  • Collect the workshop registration forms and payments. Send the payments to the treasurer, and send an excel spreadsheet of all the attendees and their contact infor-mation to the Show Chair(s).
  • Send the accepted artists/paintings list to the Show Chair, the President, the Membership Chair and the Treasurer.
  • Provide the Show Chair, President, and Webmaster digital images with titles and artists’ names of the winners of the show in order of placement.
  • Attend packing and unpacking days, if possible.
  • Prepare reports for the board and write requested articles for the newsletter.
  • Attend quarterly board meetings and annual meeting.
  • Serve as a member of the GWS Board.