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2020 Members Show Accepted Paintings

Congratulations to the following artists who have paintings that have been accepted into the 2020 Members Show.

Accepted artists, please download and print these instructions for delivery of your paintings.

Anne Abgott – Date Night Brios
Loretta Addison – Travelers Rest – Scales
Christine Alfery – Flowers From My Garden
John Anderson – My Fathers Legacy
Lisa Arnold Franklin – Quantum Colors
Alice Bennett – Julia’s Robe
Anne Bradham – Summer Pastime Revisited
Susie Burch – Gravity Glue
Jacquelyn Carcioppolo – Sunny Road
Angie Clark – Kristin by the River
Rosie Coleman – On the Move VIII
Carol Collins – Cann’s Garden
Mary Ann Cox – Italian Treats
Audrey Crumbley – Datura at Deer Fence
Elizabeth Davis – Cosmic Edge
Judith DeJoy – Best Friend
Betty Derrick – Dancers
Nancy Dias – Tilting at Windmills
Marie Echols – Connected
Barbara Edwards – Taggeed
Michael England – Blue Suit
Sally Evans – On the Town
Kerry Everett – I Make Time for Shinrin Yoku
Karl Everett – Sisters
Patrick Faile – Lowcountry Fisherman
Wyn Foland – Metaluska
Tracy Foutz-Hunt – Heron Number One
Lori Hammer – Morning Glory
Elly Hobgood – Springtime in Hayesville
Deborah Jinkins – Drifting at the Thames
Kie Johnson – Confused Currents
Myong Johnston – On the Beach
Lynda Kerr – Iris & Sophie
Michele Tabor Kimbrough – Suzanna – Crucian Carnival Series
Steven Kippels – Grey Horse Circle Farm
Mary Kirsch – Blow Your Heart Out
Kathy A Kitz – Bridge
Joseph Lahita – Peace on the Eno
Christine Langone – Justice for All
Judy Lavoie – Honeysuckle
Dixie Leibert – Silver Basket
Shelly Leitheiser – Future’s so Bright
Carol Luttenberg – Be Still
Ronals Malone – Hat Lady 14
Georgia Mason – Island Day
Janice Matthews – Love in the Time of COVID
Rebecca Mentz – Playtime Yet?
Carolyn Molder – Rocky Cliffs
Alice (Lexie) Moye – Basking With Mom On Blue Bill
Zenobia Nagao – An Old Pro Shrimper
Diane Norman-Powelson – Sydney
Elaine Nunnally – Flowers in Plein Air
Mary Powell – Sunset Over Bay St. Louis
Bonnie Rabert – Lotus II
Suzanne Reed Fine – Unmade Bed
Richard Rice – Orcas Lane
Janet Rodekohr – Sarah
Teresa Rose – Sorry Charlie’s
Rosemary Segreti – Golden
Melanie Sheldon – Kranion
Mary Spellings – Circle of Life
Annie Strack – Toes in the Sand
Don Taylor – Sicilian Light
Zan Thompson – Mountain Farm
Martha Tisdale – Above the Falls
Diana Toma – Visual Mondegreen
Viviane Van Giesen – Tis a Gift to be Loved
Qian Wang – Ecuadorian Girl
Gail Watson – Popular Fishing Spot
Sandra Webster – Cool Breezes
Sue Welsby – No Ketchup!
Dana Wiggins Thompson – A Day in the Sun
Val Wright – Things to Remember

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