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Accepted Paintings – GWS National Show 2021

Congratulations to the following artists who have paintings that have been accepted into the GWS National Show 2021.

Accepted artists, please download and print these instructions for delivery of your paintings.

Suzanne Accetta – Sunny Birches
Loretta Addison – Travelers Rest – The Cellar
Christine Alfery – Listen To The Music
Sherry Allen – Framed by Fronds
John Anderson – Cherries and Butterflies
Helen K Beacham – The Guardians
Donna Berk Barlup – Dancing In The Street
Matthew Bird – All Things Bright and Beautiful
Bruce Bobick – Wheel of Fortune: Insulin-dependent Diabetic
Marilynne Bradley – Crowded Harbor
Nel Dorn Byrd – Fountain on the Square
Elizabeth Carr – Sacred Treasure
Durinda Cheek – The Jester
Nathan Childers – Empty Tables Empty Chairs
Kar-Keat Chong – Low Tide at the Fishing Village
Connie Clutter – Betrayed
Pat Cook – Conversation CIX
Wanda Cox – Andy’s Seat
Elaine Daily-Birnbaum – Dream Fragments
Judith DeJoy – Look Beyond
Jackie Dorsey – Unraveled
Kathleen Durdin – Richard
Marie Echols – Waiting for a Ride
Barbara Edwards – On the Rocks
Joanna Ellington – Storm on the Way
Z.L. Feng – Winter Wood
Ellen France – A still life with crystals and berries
Antoaneta Georgieva – Conversation With Roosevelt
Jacqueline Gnott – Still Life with Peonies & Silver
George Gow – Anomalous Meditation
Xi Guo – Near Bloom No.2
Kristin Herzog – Jazz I
Anne Hightower-Patterson – The End of the Line
Catherine Hillis – Lots O’ Lines
Carol Hubbard – payload
Jeff Ishikawa – Writing’s on the Wall
Nishita Jain – Winter Light
Deborah Jinkins – Savannah Square
Gary Johnson – Graceful Flow Amid Chaos
Mollie Jones – Pork N’Beans
Michele Tabor Kimbrough – Ember – Crucian Carnival Series
Steve Kippels – Sandflea Diggers
Mary Kirsch – Resurrection
Chris Krupinski – November Early Evening
Rebecca Krutsinger – Trellis
Joseph Lahita – Good Feed
Dixie Leibert – Parisian Artist
Stacy Lund Levy – The Shops
Ronald Malone – Janita Hat Lady
Georgia Mason – Night Bloom
Laurin McCracken – 2 Pears in Plastic
William McKeown – Uncertain Seasons
Robert Mejer – Variant-Newborn
Rebecca Mentz – Heellpp!
Audrey Montgomery – Blended
Elaine Nunnally – The Yellow Car
Claire Osborne – Waiting to be Filled
Marian O’Shaughnessy – Golden Spire
Sue Pink – Impenitent
Suzanne Reed Fine – Depth
April Rimpo – Beach Vacation
Clint Samples – Evening Sky
Karen Schaaf – Forget-Me-Not
Suzy Schultz – The Contemplation
F. Charles Sharpe – Paint Brigade
Kathy Simon-McDonald – The Chalk Artist IV
Susanna Spann – The Last Set
Mary P. Spellings – Crankin” Kilowatts
Jane Stodard – Waiting in the Shadows
Susan Stuller – An Evening With Hopper
Eileen Sudzina – Walking into the City
Suzanne Thigpen – Buda Castle
Diana Toma – Hidden portrait no.6
Benda Turner – The Shopper
Forrest Glen Umberger – Out to Pasture
Viviane Van Giesen – Sittin’ Pretty
Gail Watson – Hiking New Zealand
William West – The Why Not Discussion
Virginia Wolfe – Sunset In The Jungle
Xiaochang Zhang – Snowy Region