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Pat letter to students

Letter from Pat:

Pat Dews AWS D.F. N WS

Abstracting Nature –  Let’s Get Starting Finishing


In this follow up class we will focus on finishing our paintings. Starts are fun, finishes more difficult. We will focus on design. I have many starts and you will learn with me as I discuss the possibilities for each of many of my starts. You will see as I totally change a painting using acrylic paints add more inks or water colors to a start or end up cropping.  I will paints, add more inks or water colors to a start or end up cropping.  I will be discussing design as I work and why I make the decisions I make. I will be discussing value, which is often the reason why a painting doesn’t work or get into a show. I will give you tips I have found in my years of painting.  Rules to follow as you paint. The workshop will be intense and informative but not boring! You will leave with renewed vigor and ways to finish your starts. The best way to learn is to have many sheets of paper and paint many starts. Practice is the most important. I have painted a thousand paintings to get where I am today. Join me to get to the finish line your signature on your paper! I firmly believe that with desire and hard work you can succeed. Many students say they never work the same again! Looking forward to working with you.