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Responsibilities of Treasurer

  • Pay bills submitted by GWS Board Members and by individuals, groups and companies with whom GWS has conducted business.
  • Keep accurate accounts of financial transactions of GWS, making such information available to the Board at all times.
  • Receive and deposit monies from GWS members for membership fees and from members and other artists for show entry fees and workshop fees.
  • Review the monthly bank statement(s) and make sure the account(s) balance.
  • Shift monies in checking account(s) and cd(s) when necessary to pay bills. Keep the board informed of moving money from cd(s).
  • Apply to the Georgia State Department for tax free status twice yearly in January and (A change of officers requires a report to the Georgia State Department along with the application for tax free status.)
  • File for income taxes which are due in October each year.
  • Generate checks for winners of GWS Shows, pay any fees associated with the shows, pay the fees and expenses of the shows’ guest artists, and quarterly demonstrator’s fees.
  • Prepare reports on finances for the board. A complete financial report will be made to the membership at the annual meeting.
  • Have an accountant perform an annual inspection of financial accounts as a part of tax preparation and prepare of report of the inspection for the next board meeting.
  • Write requested articles for the newsletter.
  • Attend quarterly board meetings and annual meeting.
  • Serve as a member of the GWS Board.