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Responsibilities of Publicity Chair

  • Submit annual application to be included in the Watercolor Magazine Showcase Article. (It is free with a deadline usually around July or August.)
  • Research pricing, specs, and deadlines for posting print ads for the National Exhibition with consideration for the budget.
  • Research pricing, specs, and deadlines for posting online ads for the National Exhibition.
  • Collaborate with the National Show Chair, the Signature Member Show Chair, and the Member Show Chair to provide exhibition and workshop publicity. The goal for the workshops is to have 15-20 artists register.
  • Manage all information and images from Entry Chair, National Show Chair, Members and Communications Chair, and President and work with the printers to complete the National Exhibition Catalog.
  • Contact local news publications to promote exhibitions and workshops.
  • Send Call for Entries or prospectuses to other watercolor societies.
  • Post Call for Entries to National Watercolor Society website and to any other free or low cost websites such as
  • Post workshop ads on low cost sites as
  • Post accepted images on Facebook and Instagram accounts and any information of upcoming events; manage the GWS closed group page on Facebook.
  • Create postcards or flyers, if needed, have them printed, and distribute to publicize the exhibitions and/or workshops.
  • Prepare press releases when needed.
  • Promote GWS generally.
  • Prepare reports on publicity for the board and write requested articles for the newsletter.
  • Attend quarterly board meetings and annual meeting.
  • Serve as a member of the GWS Board.