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Responsibilities of Signature Show Chair

  • Help create and send email or prospectus outlining the guidelines for entering the show, important dates and times, venue and juror information, contact information and other pertinent information. Coordinate the writing of the email or prospectus with the President and other designated board members.
  • Visit venue, meet personnel, provide them with prospectus or email. Discuss details of contract. Determine where boxes will be stored, on or off site. (If a sufficient number of boxes will be received and off site storage is needed, locate a storage facility and determine how boxes will be transported.)
  • Email greeting to juror and provide Show Chair’s contact information.
  • Write an article for the website regarding the show and email to Webmaster via President. Include important dates for the calendar and for Events and Announcements.
  • Plan and coordinate Awards Presentation and Reception with the venue and GWS. Coordinate with the Sponsorship Chair on receipt of the certificates and awards. Attend Awards Presentation and Reception.
  • Coordinate with venue and/or Publicity Chair on publicizing show and Awards Presentation and Reception.
  • Plan and organize packing and unpacking days. Find volunteers to help. Create a list of artists’ names in alphabetical order, their paintings, painting sizes and contact information. A designated person should check off paintings on the list as they are accepted or returned, noting whether hand-delivered or shipped (UPS or FedEx, ground or air.) Check that each box contains a prepaid return shipping label with barcode, that it’s affixed to the box properly and that it is ready for pick up. Contact UPS and FedEx for painting pick ups. Attend to other necessary items as they arise.
  • Prepare reports for the board meetings and write requested articles for the newsletter.
  • Keep the President informed of the progress of activities.
  • Attend quarterly board meetings and annual meeting.
  • Serve as a member of the GWS Board.